Speaker Series East 2018


Join Julian Guthrie author of the new book, How to Make a Spaceship. A Band of Renegades, an Epic Race, and the Birth of Private Spaceflight, and AMA Life Member and structural engineer of SpaceShipOne, Dan Kreigh as they share the story of how a small team of aerospace engineers made history with the world’s first private manned spaceship. Based on Julian’s New York Times bestselling book, you’ll hear about how a young Burt Rutan’s obsession with designing and building model airplanes eventually lead him to design SpaceShipOne. Enter a young Peter Diamandis who built rockets, but never lost his love of spaceflight, landed the idea of a $10 million incentive prize for the first nongovernmental spacecraft. Add the driving forces of Richard Branson, John Carmack and Paul Allen to the mix, and you’ll enjoy an amazing story of spaceflight history that launched an industry.
Author Julian Guthrie &
AMA Life Member, Space Ship One Structural Engineer Dan Kreigh


Dave Wigley Military and Commercial Airline Pilot Four Time Mr. Top Gun Winner What to consider when you dream of creating your own scratch built scale model. Starting from a 3 view drawing, a blank piece of paper, and a pile of wood, you can make that dream a reality.

Dave was born in Rochester, New York, and grew up in Canada. In the military he flew the C-130 Hercules aircraft and Air Force One for Canada in the Challenger executive jet. He retired from the Canadian Air Force in 1992 and started his airline pilot career with American Airlines. He is currently a B-737 Captain.

He started building stick and tissue rubber powered models with his father when he was five years old. His first large scale model was a C-130 Hercules. He recently completed construction of his own design, fifth scale, twin engine, Bristol Beaufighter.

Dave regularly competes in the annual World Class Top Gun Invitational competition in Lakeland Florida. He has won the highest award of Mr. Top Gun four consecutive times with two of his scratch build designs, the Westland Wyvern and the Bristol Beaufighter. No other scale competitor has achieved that distinction in the twenty nine year history of the event. Dave has also received Engineering Excellence awards for his aircraft. He has written numerous magazine articles on the design and construction of his scratch build competition models.

Large scale warbirds and jets are his passion. Currently he is working on a scratch built one sixth scale F-101B Voodoo, a 1950’s high performance jet interceptor. From the Wyvern to the Beaufighter and now with the Voodoo, Dave likes to challenge himself more with each successive project. The Voodoo will test his skills at CAD design and sandwich mold construction.

In 2012 Dave was selected to become a member of Team Horizon. He is glad to showcase Horizon brands and help out other modelers at the numerous events he attends.

Building a Flying Football Field, an Insider’s Scoop on Stratolaunch

Stratolaunch talk sheds light on the design process, build challenges, and immensity of a project like this. Highlights are seeing inside the aerodynamic design process, an explanation of its design mission, and how using a larger lever really does make builds like this successful. This presentation is full of images from within the Scaled facilities, featuring rarely-seen glimpses into our lives as Scaled designers, builders, and testers.


Using Fruity Chutes for your Drone Parachute Recovery System

Parachutes are the airbags of the UAS industry. In our engaging talk you will learn about the priceless benefits of parachute recovery, how to choose the right one, and learn how to pick the right deployment method.


AMA Member Gene Engelgau, CEO of Fruity Chutes